About Us

Travel Tots is the brain child of Kimberley Berry, a Highly Respected Private Maternity Nurse, with over 16 years experience in the Childcare World.

Kimberley has travelled the world with families, and it has been her responsibility to ensure that all the babies needs are taken care of when travelling within the UK or World Wide.

Travel Tots is a company dedicated to helping families have that all around experience. Travel Tots packs, and deliveres all your childs basic needs, items that are familiar to you and your child at no extra cost whilst away. From Formula - Nappies, Baby Food - Parent Essentials etc everything is delivered directly to your chosen delivery address, a point of contact signs and keeps your shipment secure whilst waiting for your arrival.

Travel Tots has everything you need for a great family holiday, be relaxed at a touch of a button.

We cater for the essential must haves. Everything your baby or young child needs to be safe and happy in the sun, and even those little things you always forget! We can happily add items to the site before you place an order, just contact the Team Directly and it will appear within 12-24 hrs.

Travel Tots have even devised a ''Bundle Pack'' to make is even easier for parents to click and ship, choose the age of your child and see what we believe is perfect for your little ones.

Just Think:

No more weighed down with the extra excessive baggage that is difficult to carry.

No more excess baggage cost.

No more excessive cost at the local supermarket for brands you know and love that are familiar to you.

No more thoughts of ''what have I forgotten?''

No more stress of standing & waiting at the carousel conveyor belt wondering ''will it arrive? will it be in one piece?''

No more thoughts of dread of having to juggle the children, prams and all that luggage.

Travel Tots is here to get your holiday off to a great start, lighten your mood, lighten the load and take the stress out of travelling; allowing you and your family to enjoy your holiday before you get on the plane, Trust Travel Tots to help give you that relaxing Family Holiday we all deserve!

Travel Tots Moto:

Sit back and relax and let us do the work for you.

You click, we pack, and ship, providing you with a direct safe and secure service straight to your chosen destination to coincide with your arrival.

Think warm sunshine, sand between your toes,  and happy children. Travel Tots is stress free, worry free :-)


Warm Regards,

Kimberley Berry

Director of Travel Tots UK