Shipping & Commission

The cost of our service includes personally shopping for your baby supplies, packaging them securely and delivering them to your holiday accommodation with the use of TNT Courier.

Your shipping cost is calculated according to the Country you are visiting, When you enter your delivery address, your chosen country sits in a specific tariff, these are calculated zone by zone and prices are according to the weight of the products ordered. The heavier the shipment the change in price will increases to give you the your delivery charge. Weights are calculated in set increments, and already set in place on the site.

For deliveries to Countries outside the European Union, import duties, taxes and any other local charges levied in the country of delivery may be payable, however we do try to include these in your delivery charge. But please be aware different countries have their own added taxes they can add on and we have no control over these charges and cannot totally predict what they might be although from experience they usually amount to between 5-7% of the value of the goods purchased. We keep an eye on this for any change in the future and will adapt according to change. These charges will be paid by Traveltotsuk in the first instance. We will advise you of the amount payable by e-mailing the corresponding paperwork to you for your information if this is anything other than general customs import duties.

For a guide on postage costs, an average parcel that we send would weigh approximately 10kg and would probably include the basics such as nappies, wipes, formula and baby food etc. The Charges below are a guide only. for exact costing please register, add in your relevant info and add to cart. This will give you an accurate costing.

UK (Zone 1)Central Europe (Zones 1 to 5)North & Central America (Zone 7)East Asia, Russia & Australia (Zone 8)Caribean, North Africa & South Asia (Zone 9)South America (Zone 10)Eastern Europe (Zone 41 to 42)

* Prices do not include our £30 Commission charge. Pleaase be aware this is a guide for shipping costs and can change in accordance with new Tariff Rates provided by the Courier Company. Prices are correct as of 29th July 2015.

Ordering & Delivery Rules

Please place your order at least 14 days prior to your arrival at your destination.  If your departure date is within the next 14 days please contact us and we will assist you in any way we can.

Please note that for deliveries to non EU countries we will require a copy of the passport of the person the holiday is booked under, this is to be included in our paperwork to aid transition through customs. Please forward on to quoting your Transaction number within 2 days of placing your order.

Please not that we do not deliver on bank holidays or weekends. Please keep this in mind when booking your holiday to coincide with your arrival date. Deliveries can take place up to 8:00pm to allow for local customs and practices.

We can deliver prior to your arrival if there is someone to accept the delivery on your behalf. Please enter the desired delivery date, the name of the person who will accept your parcel and a landline number where they can be contacted into the additional comments section on the booking form. Signatures will be required on arrival of your parcel.A full delivery address and contact details are required for your holiday accommodation including a mobile number which will be in use during your holiday and a telephone number for the accommodation. 

Correct postal address is deemed correct by our carrier: traveltotsuk can accept no responsibility for undelivered parcels due to incorrect delivery information. Delivery information is required at the final checkout stage. If traveltotsuk need to obtain further address information to ensure delivery we reserve the right to charge a £5 administration fee. We try to ensure that this does not happen.

We aim to have your parcel delivered to coincide with the day of your arrival. If your arrival day is Saturday or Sunday we will aim to deliver on the previous Friday but cannot guarantee this will occur. In this event delivery will take place on the Monday.

Please check your hotel/apartment will accept delivery of a parcel that may arrive before you as well will ask you for the hotel contact details and name of the manager who will accept responsibility for accepting delivery of your parcel. Our parcels will have your name, date and time of arrival and booking reference, if supplied, on their labels.

Please ensure you have enough supplies to accommodate any unexpected delays. The weight of your items will be higher than your content and should be aware that the parcels may be higher weight than expected due to the overall weight of the product.

Customs departments may randomly select packages, which they will open and check. This does not happen often but is something over which we have no control. Therefore we can accept no responsibility for any such action.

Due to certain difficulties with incomplete delivery addresses and problems delivering to isolated villas we ask that you have them delivered to letting agents or offices and you pick up from there. We are happy to deliver to a letting agents, office or family friends in a nearby home, resort or work place if they are happy to accept a parcel on your behalf. Please be aware that a signature is required.

A signature is required for delivery, please note that deliveries can take place up to 8:00pm to allow for local customs and practices. As a signature is required for delivery, if delivery fails a card will be left with a local number to be contacted to arrange a mutually convenient time to accept the parcel. After 3 attempts at delivery, if unsuccessful, the parcel will automatically be returned to our depot. The cost of shipping back to Traveltotsuk plus £10 administration charge will be the responsibility of the customer. The customer must arrange collection from Traveltotsuk for delivery to on-going destination, by contacting UPS on 0845 787 7877 and quoting Account number 1x165x and Tracking number of parcel. After 28 days if the parcel has not been collected it becomes the property of Traveltotsuk.

Delays & Damaged Goods

If we do not deliver your parcel within the date and time stated on the booking form (excluding weekends and bank holidays) we will be happy to offer a full refund for your service charges immediately.  

If delivery has been attempted by our carrier and fails for whatever reason, we will try again. 

If the parcel is delayed due to Customs Delays over which we have no control, this guarantee does not apply.

Certain aspects of the delivery process are the responsibility of  Traveltotsuk and some of the carrier - currently UPS. Some of the more important circumstances are outlined below but please check both Traveltotsuk and UPS Terms and Conditions for complete information. 

For any reason your parcel is refused or returned as undeliverable through no fault of Traveltotsuk the parcel will automatically be returned to our depot. The cost of shipping back to Traveltotsuk plus £10 admin charge will be the responsibility of the customer. The customer must arrange collection from Traveltotsuk for delivery to on-going destination, by contacting UPS on 0845 787 7877, and informing Traveltotsuk. 

Loss of an order in transit is the responsibility of the UPS carrier. Traveltotsuk is not liable for the cost of an order lost in transit, any other damages or any other losses experienced as a result of the carrier losing a shipment.

As a well known company we pride ourselves on taking special care in packaging your order to reduce the likelihood of damage in transit. However damage to any product that occurs during shipping is the responsibility of the carrier. We will however work closely with you to ensure your satisfaction.
Any damaged items must be reported to ourselves within 48 hours of delivery. Please take photographic evidence of any damage and keep all receipts for items purchased as replacements. These will be required in the event of a claim for damaged goods.

Traveltotsuk makes every effort to ensure the accuracy of your order and your order is checked by our main packer and a secondary parker before leaving our depot.

In the unlikely event items are missing from your order, this must be reported to Traveltotsuk within 48 hours of delivery, and will be refunded to your account.

Please refer to the carriers full terms and conditions.

Returns Policy

For any reason you wish to return the items back to Travel Tots UKI this must be done so within 14 days of the parcel arriving at your destination. The parcel must not be opened. You must send a Confirmation email with Account number and address details stating you wish to return the unopened item back to Travel Tots Uk.
On delivery of the items back at Travel Tots UK Department we will check the items in the box and if they are ok for re-sale and with out damages, we will credit back to your account on arrival of the parcel back to Travel Tots UK Department.

If the 14 days has expired and you wish to return the items you must contact Travel Tots Uk through the website. 

All packages must be returned at the cost to yourself and a signature must be needed on exceptance at Travel Tots Uk Department.

Please Note

Please note our parcels may contain packing peanuts, and possible sharp items if ordered which could cause small children to choke or harm themselves. Please do not leave any child unattended within reach of these items. Traveltotsuk can not accept liability whatsoever for injuries so caused.